#2016/04/25: Mr. Morimoto (D1) and Mr. Yoshimoto (D1) won Special Supported Student @TUT

25 April, Mr. Morimoto (D1) and Mr. Yoshimoto (D3) won the "Special Supported Student" at this university. Students is supported economically by it to work on researches.

#2016/03/08: 6 persons won Student Commendation @TUT

8 March, Dr. Isogai(PD), Mr. Hashimoto(D3), Mr. Kanazawa(D2), Mr. Nakamura(D2), Mr. Kudo(M2) and Mr. Morimoto(M2) won the "Student Commendation 2015" at this university. This commendation recognized several outstanding groups or persons at scholarly or extracurricular activities.