#2010/12/20: B4's presentation

B4's presentation on their graduation theses On December 20, B4 guys presented their results on the graduation studies. Although it was short period of the study, their reports were considerably good indeed. One reason for this is the good supports of the master and doctor course students who are experienced in the corresponding area. I am sorry that this year we have got no awards for the presentations although the evaluation results were so closed to each other. In February next year, let us look forward to the M2 presentations.

#2010/12/8: International Conference on the Asian Union of Magnetics(ICAUMS) @Lotte hotel

From December 6 to 8, International Conference on the Asian Union of Magnetics was held at Lotte hotel in Jeju island, Korea. On the first day in the morning, Inoue made his invited talk as a first speaker of the session, and Mito-kun and Beak-kun presented their posters. Baek-kun received the best poster award!, and the news has already listed in the TUT home page. Many congratulations! The second conference will be held in Nara together with the annual conference of MSJ, where all presentations have to make in English.

#2010/11/24: Optronics Fair 2010 @Hamamatsu

From Nov. 24 to 25, Optronics Fair 2010 was held in Hamamatsu as the annual debriefing meeting of the Hamamatsu Clustering Project of MEXT. On Nov. 25, there was a seminar and Inoue and Horimai-san made a joint presentation for 30 min by describing the 3D display as a representative results of the overall Inoue project.

#2010/11/22: Magnetic Materials and Magnetics (MMM) @Atlanta

From Nov. 14 to 18, the Annual Conference on Magnetic Materials and Magnetics (MMM) was held at Atlanta, USA. Yayoi-sensei, Mito-kun, Goto-kun and Beak-kun attended and made their own presentations. Goto-kun's presentation was oral. After the presentations before returning home, a memorial launching party was held with professors and students from Nagasaki Univ., Tohoku Univ. and Kyushu Tech.

2010/09/13: Second Beer party

On September 13 (Mon), the second beer party was held. Enjoying barbecue, individual summer memories and stories were showed

2010/09/10: Presentations at CPM meeting of the Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers (IEICE), Japan

On September 10 (Fri), Okada-kun, Kato-kun and Sato-kun (all M2) have made presentations at CPM meeting of IEICE at Tokyo. Okada-kun reported the TFT fabrication for MOSLM and Kato-kun presented the resent results on collinear hologram recording into mgarnet films. Sato-kun described the PLZT film formation and its properties for eMOSLM. Inoue, Takagi-sensei, Mito-kun and Goto-kun also attended the meeting for helping with their presentations.

#2010/09/4: Annual Meeting of MSJ

From September 4, the annual meeting of MSJ was held in Tsukuba. This year, Mito-kun (D2), Goto-kun (D2), Tobinaga-kun (M2), Yamada-kun (M2), Haga-kun (M1), Noda-kun (M1), Yayoi-sensei (Ibaragi TC), Nishimura-sensei (Suzuka TC) and Uchida-sensei (Tohoku Inst. Tech) made presentations. In addition, for the symposium on Sept. 4, Prof. Grishin from Royal Inst. Tech. (Sweden) made the invited talk. He also visited us on Sept. 7 and 8 for large discussion with our students.

2010/08/29: Open campus

August 29 (Sun), Open University Campus of TUT was held. 1770 people participated in this year, and there were about 170 participants to the laboratory events, where simple motor experiments, magnetic fluid and optical experiments were demonstrated.

#2010/08/2: Magnetics meeting of IEE, Jpn, was held in Sendai.

Baek-sun, Kawasaki-kun, Kume-kun made presentations at the Magnetics Meeting of IEE, Jpn, and showed good fights in the question and answers.

#2010/07/13: ISAMMA @Sendai

Mito-kun and Haga-kun presented their recent results at the international conference ISAMMA which was held in Sendai on July 13 and 14. Together with Uchida-sensei (now Professor of Tohoku Institute of Technology) and Mr. Hinata (now Dr candidate of Takahashi laboratory of Tohoku Univ.), they enjoyed the scientific and engineering discussion.