2009/02/20: Master presentation

K. Togo and T. Goto respectively got 1st and 2nd prize in the presentation to examine Master degrees.

2009/01/25: Home party for M2, @Prof. Inoue House

2009/01/23: Lab party for M2 @TUT @commons

2008/12/22: Year-end-party @ZEN

2008/12/19: B4 graduational presentation, 1st prize (K. Tobinaga)

2008/07/15-18: ISOM/ODS2008 @Hawaii

2008/06/19-25: MISM @Moscow Univ.

2008/4/17: Award of Minister of Education, Science and engineering

2008/04/10: B4 welcome party @Kenko-land

2008/04/08: Cherry bolossom party

2008/04/08: Lab. Tour